What We Value

Focused on Collaboration

We work hard, but we also have fun…

Credit unions formed Open Technology Solutions, LLC (OTS), a Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO), focused on providing collaborative, technology-related services to our partners. Together, we have achieved the kind of scale none could have achieved on their own – more than one million members served. Currently, OTS proudly serves these members and over 2,100 team members across our partners.

At OTS, we obsess over culture, because culture is a product that we build for our clients and ourselves. It amplifies our Team Member’s abilities and helps them do their best work.

OTS Culture Cannons

Amazing Peers
We believe our best perk is amazing peers. The best people don’t just fit our culture, they further it.

Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose
We favor autonomy, mastery, and purpose. We believe that Management is a great tool if you simply want compliance (and in our business, compliance is a good thing!). If you want engagement, then you also need to provide Team Members with the opportunity for autonomy, mastery and purpose.

Long-term impact
We lean towards long-term impact. We don’t mind making mistakes, but we do mind repeating them. Each mistake carries a lesson; we try to ensure that we learn it.

Practice Radical Candor
We practice radical candor and transparency. At OTS, we’re an open book. We share and discuss updates regularly through a wide range of channels.


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