Our Services

Network and Data Administration at OTS is both an art and a science. With leading edge equipment expertly maintained and managed, credit union partners of OTS have the speed and worldwide reach that most of today's financial institutions can only dream of having.

OTS leverages a highly available multi protocol label switching (MPLS) based solution to provide a private network to our credit union partners using a payment card industry (PCI) compliant transport provider. OTS also provides a scalable, redundant internet presence for our partners. Depending on network traffic and nationwide bottleneck status, our server traffic is routed down multiple high speed internet connections to national internet backbones, Level3®, AT&T, and X/O™.

OTS uses Cisco® routing and switching equipment. Every server is fed into dual high-speed switches that channel all server traffic into redundant routing equipment. If one router or switch should have an equipment failure, the other one picks up the traffic. This lowers the possibility of network downtime due to equipment failure.

The internal network of OTS is hardware redundant, with dual network cards in the servers, connected to dual fail over switches at all multi-connection points within our network. We have invested heavily in our network from the ground up to make sure we have no single point of failure. Firewalls are implemented at the core router and internal network level.

The OTS Application Support team is here to provide tier 2/3 level support for all OTS hosted applications, assist our credit union partners in implementing and use of vendor software, and provide testing support and consulting. This team is also here to facilitate collaboration between partners and vendors, install, and support upgrades on hosted applications.

A critical piece to ensure the health of OTS supported applications and provide application consulting on best practices.

OTS staff is involved in strategic and tactical initiatives that deliver on the needs of our credit union partners and our organization. These needs translate into a significant percentage of our organizational capacity being dedicated to project support. To optimize the balance between the supply and demand for project resources, established portfolio and project management processes exist.

Project portfolio management processes ensure that projects are initiated and executed with awareness and authorization from appropriate stakeholders. This starts with a yearly project planning process (an input into the resourcing strategy of OTS), is followed by a prioritization and scheduling process and continues with the formal initiation and monitoring of projects in the portfolio.

The Facilities Engineering department is responsible for maintaining the physical plant of OTS, including, providing and monitoring the complex wiring and environmental systems necessary to keep the multitude of servers on which the credit union partners of OTS rely operational and performing well.

Additionally, the department handles all build-outs of the OTS corporate offices, as well as the building, wiring, and equipping new branch offices for the OTS partners.

Our On-Site Services provide support to the Bellco corporate office and branch locations. Offering service and support for servers, workstations, and applications, including system and application upgrades. Leveraging tools for proactive monitoring of the corporate data center and branch locations. With a highly trained and dedicated team to provide round the clock support for the Bellco systems.

The On-Site Services department works very closely with the OTS Security, Network, Administration, Facilities, and Service Desk teams for all Bellco issues which include support for S3 here in Denver, Colorado.

OTS employs custom software development teams to create, maintain, and support a wide range of solutions for the OTS credit union partners. Using a diverse set of skills, OTS software engineers provide a custom online banking solution, mobile banking support, extract-transform-load (ETL), reporting jobs, website, intranet support, maintenance, and many other services. As an Oracle® and Microsoft® .NET shop, OTS stays on the leading edge of technology to ensure that its partners and their members are best served with dependable, stable, and secure software.

OTS is represented on the nine-member Credit Union National Association (CUNA) Credit Union Financial Exchange (CUFX™) Architect’s Committee, working toward a common software protocol for the industry and its vendors. This involvement in the credit union community gives the partners of OTS a strong voice in determining the future course of credit union focused software development.

Vendor Management
OTS has a comprehensive centralized vendor management program with a complete overview of all vendors across the collaboration. This program is able to manage all vendor information, such as contact information, financials, contracts, and insurance certificates. Providing comprehensive on-time notifications of critical expiration and due dates to management and vendor owners. We perform a complete due diligence and risk assessments on all new vendors prior to signing any agreements, and provide follow up due diligence based on the risk rating and policy needs for our partners.

Our OTS Office Administrator is responsible for ensuring smooth operations within the organization while upholding the institution’s mission and vision. The Office Administrator covers a broad spectrum of functions, such as accounts payable, reconciliation of expense reports, meeting coordination, directing calls and visitors to the appropriate employee.

Automation Support is our smallest team. Their job currently is to automate the core Fiserv business processes, such as data processing type transactions and reporting. As well as handle testing requests for our partners and internal application development teams for system or process changes.

Right now the team is in the middle of migrating automation from one administrative systems automation tool to another. This is a mulit-year project that will require changing the entire OTS infrastructure for automation. The end result will provide OTS and its partner credit unions with more efficiencies.

The OTS Service Desk is our single point of contact for partner employees to direct questions, requests, and reported problems regarding supported hardware and software. In response, the Service Desk will attempt to resolve reported issues, assist the user in maximizing their use of applications or equipment, or distribute a work order to the appropriate staff. They provide notification of trends and situation to assist the partner IT teams in maintaining high levels of service to the partner user community.

The Systems and Storage Administration department at OTS oversees the vast array of hardware that supports the company's credit union partners.

In our state-of-the-art data center and at our full disaster recovery site, using advanced clustering, data replication, high-availability, and virtualization technologies.

The Information Security department is responsible for maintaining security related systems and services for the OTS data centers and the equipment housed there. Additionally, the department provides consulting services for all partner credit unions.

Operational Efficiency and Scale

Our credit union partners wanted to manage costs and enhance service to:

  • Compete against the national and regional banks in our market
  • Win on both price and service
  • Use a proven and effective way to strengthen business and operations without diminishing brand or mission

Technology Collaboration Initiatives
  • Custom online banking
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Online new account process
  • Online loan origination
  • In-branch new account opening process
  • Branch capture
  • Consumer lending platform
  • Collections platform
  • BSA platform
  • Custom warehouse
  • Archival database
  • Information security
  • Technology purchasing
  • Vendor management
  • Custom reports
  • Branch re-allocation
  • Mobile banking
  • DR/BC platform
  • eSignature solution
  • Aggregated pricing for debit/credit card services
  • Bill payment
  • Member statements
  • Shared fraud management service