Open Technology Solutions provides technology support to participating credit unions by collaboratively implementing, managing, and supporting best-of-breed solutions.

OTS partners with Open Solutions Inc. (OSI) to provide the TCCUS® core system, cView® CRM system, and other products. Solutions from key technology partners such as Akcelerant and Prime Alliance support the collections and mortgage origination functions.

In addition, OTS offers a unique and comprehensive approach to credit union service, providing desktop and server support, network and telecom management, and help desk services. Resource sharing enables these functions to be performed by highly capable and certified staff, at significant cost savings.


  • Enhances vendor influence and purchasing power
  • Leverages knowledge and best practices among partner credit unions
  • Reduces costs by aligning on vendors and platforms

  • Core System Management
  • Ancillary Systems Management
  • Network Management
  • Tier I Service Desk

Design, construction, and support of high-quality, high-speed, high-availability software applications using leading-edge technology.

OTS provides onsite and offsite redundant environments for disaster recovery services.

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