Mike Atkins
Chief Executive Officer

Mike Atkins has been serving the credit union community for over twenty years, initially as a technology and business consultant. With the late Steve Markwell, former CIO of Bellco Credit Union, Atkins co-founded OTS in 2003 after already having established himself as a leader in the CU industry.

Atkins is the "face of OTS," representing the CUSO to its partner credit unions and reporting to their Boards of Directors. In addition, he serves on many industry leadership bodies, including the CUNA Technology Council Steering Committee.

Atkins is an active husband and father, living with his wife and their three children in Northern Colorado, where he helps to coach their youth sporting teams.

Jeffrey Staw
Chief Digital Officer
Jeffrey Staw has been an innovator in the digital space for over 20 years. He’s been able to break traditional boundaries leveraging a unique background of tech-geek development and engaging digital marketing execution.

Previously, Jeffrey served as Chief Marketing Officer and co-founder of BidCactus®, where he redefined the online auction industry with massive scale of operations and customer acquisition. Jeffrey has been instrumental in developing numerous internet technologies that make modern life easy; ranging from the first XML based intranet application, to scalable online video infrastructure, to critical national security command and control systems for USAF, FEMA, DOD, IRS, and NSA.

Jeffrey holds a BS degree in Engineering Psychology from Tufts University (1997), an MBA from Boston University (2001), and a Master of Science in Information Systems from Boston University (2001).

Jeffrey is an active alumnus of Sigma Nu Fraternity with passions for cooking and gardening. He enjoys spending as much time as possible with his beautiful wife and adorable kids.